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January 23rd, 2022 by Paul Kolimas

It was a fantastic and special weekend here at Cloran Mansion Bed & Breakfast. Five grandchildren of Virgil and Rita Gaber, along with their spouses, came to stay in the house they grew up in or visited as children decades ago.

Virgil and Rita Gaber bought the Cloran Mansion from the American Legion in 1967 and lived here until 1983. During that time they used the upstairs as an apartment for family members. Alice’s Room and the Library were kids’ bedrooms, Tower Room was for their parents, John’s Room was the living room, and Ann’s Room was a kitchen!

Virgil and Rita’s bedroom was in the space that is now Sara’s Suite on the first floor. The room now used for massages, just off the kitchen, was a spare bedroom for visiting grandkids. For many years the Gabers owned Galena’s Dairy Dreem ice cream parlor and restaurant along with the Triangle Motel.

Their grandchildren came from around the area as well as California and Idaho to stay here this weekend and relive some of the old memories. A great many thanks to them for making this such a s special weekend by sharing photos and recollections of the Cloran Mansion!

The Cloran Mansion was eventually sold in the 1980s to Bill Lozeau, who turned the house into the bed and breakfast it is today. We are reminded each day that we are part of an unfolding, living history by operating this special building, but never as clearly as this weekend!

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