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Renovations to Alice’s Room

May 11th, 2021 by Paul Kolimas

We have been doing some work here over the past few months to enhance the experience of guests. One of our projects has been Alice’s Room.

Alice was the daughter of John and Ann Cloran, and she took care of her father after Ann passed away. Alice’s Room is our smallest, but we have been doing our best to make it feel open and warm. The pedestal sink that had been near the bed is now removed. A small vanity is now in the bathroom, and the bathtub there has been removed to make room for a shower stall.

A recessed electric fireplace (with all kinds of color options) now adorns one wall, whether you want some extra heat on a cold winter’s night or just some neat ambience without the heat on a warm summer’s evening. The closet door also got a bit of an upgrade, but the closet still has water and soda, along with a couple of comfortable bath robes.
So we couldn’t make Alice’s Room any bigger — but we do hope that people looking for a nice, cozy B&B room in a historic home, full breakfast included, will find a good deal of charm to enjoy there! Tomorrow, I will post an update on the work done in Tower Room.

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