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Renovated Rooms

January 25th, 2019 by Paul Kolimas

We have been busy in January making updates to upstairs rooms at Cloran Mansion. Tower, Ann’s, John’s, and Alice’s rooms all received new carpeting. New tiles were added to the bathroom floors of Ann’s, John’s and Alice’s rooms.  Renovations were made to the bathroom wall tiles in Ann’s and John’s rooms as well as to the tiles surrounding the fireplaces in those two rooms.

A new 40-inch TV replaced the previous one in Tower, and new wall-mounted 32-inch TV’s replaced the previous ones in Ann’s and John’s rooms, providing more space as well as a bigger screen.

The common space was also renovated, including a new floor.  Don’t worry, though, the DVD library is still there and full as ever.

We hope the renovations will add to the comfort of our guests. We also hope that they are well in keeping with Cloran Mansion’s theme:  “Modern Comforts, Historic Charm.”

We look forward to continuing to serve our guests and making them feel at home in the Cloran Mansion.  We hope that you will make reservations in 2019 to celebrate both the old and the new here with your loved one.

You should look for room photos on our web site to be updated in February after professional photographers have come out.  The photos you see here are Paul’s and hopefully give you a glimpse into updates we have been making.

New carpet in Ann's Room

New carpeting and updates to the fireplace are a couple of the changes to Ann’s Room.

New TV and carpeting in John's Room

John’s Room received a new, mounted TV as well as new carpeting and updates to the fireplace.

Tower Room's new carpet, paint and TV

Tower received new paint as well as a new, larger TV and new carpet.

Ann's bathroom received new tiles

Ann’s bathroom received new tiles on the floor as well as renovated wall tiles

John's bathroom new tiles

The bathroom in John’s Room received new floor tiles and renovations to the wall tile.

Common Room's new floor

The common space has a new floor and some new furniture (but still great coffee and cookies!)

This is also a good time to remind you of deals that are going on.  If you stay for three nights in any rooms Sunday though Thursday, you pay for only two!  Through March 15, if you book a room for two nights on a Sunday through Thursday, the second night is 30% off.  We are also offering discounted rates on all dates and rooms through February 8th.  If you want to see the beauty of Galena in the winter, now is a great chance!

2 thoughts on “Renovated Rooms

  1. Joanne Graziani

    We have gone to the cloran for the past 16 years. At least twice a year. We just love it there was our home away from home. We are trying to get back there again for a well needed Rest after the passing of our daughter, but time wise it’s been hard since I’m helping with my grand kids since than. We even had a few girls weeks ends there and my grand daughters just love it. So we will keep trying to make it there. I’ve just love all you have done to the Mansion it shows all your love for the B&B.

  2. Paul Kolimas

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Joanne! We are very appreciative of all of your support and for taking the time to write a post. We hope that you will be able to visit again so that we can meet in person. All the best to you, especially as you deal with such a difficult loss.

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