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Renewing Vows

July 16th, 2018 by Paul Kolimas

It was a great day at the Cloran Mansion as Miriam Thompson surprised her husband Raleigh with a renewal of wedding vows.  Today was the couple’s 24th wedding anniversary, and they came to the Cloran Mansion for the first time to relax and get away for a few days.  Raleigh did not know, though, that when he came down to the dining room before going out to dinner, he would be met not only by Miriam but by wedding officiant Jesse Farlow.  It was a happy occasion for a truly inspiring couple.  The Cloran is a place for renewing and reconnecting, so we are honored to host these events. Maybe you would like to renew your vows here, or maybe the renewal you have in mind doesn’t involve an official ceremony.  In either case, we would be happy to see you!

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