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Painting a New Picture

August 16th, 2019 by Paul Kolimas

Front of Cloran Mansion with newly coated green roof and white soffits, fascia, balcony and columns
Back of Cloran Mansion with newly painted white siding
The Cloran Mansion is 139 years old, so it makes sense that it asks for a little TLC. The latest mini facelift has come this week. The roof received a new protective green coating. The soffits and fascia got some repair in spots and a fresh coat of white paint. The metal railing, balcony and porch also got a new coat, as did the side panels in the back of the house. There is of course always the need for updates with a historic structure. But we hope that the latest round of touch-ups will help keep the Cloran the treasured spot to visit that it has been for decades now. Not sure what old John Cloran had in mind when he built this house on a 250-acre farm over a century ago. But a lot of people have been enjoying it, and we hope to keep it that way!

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