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Milking It

September 12th, 2022 by Paul Kolimas

This weekend, Janet and I had the pleasure of visiting Berning Acres, a dairy farm about 10 minutes from us in East Dubuque, IL. This is a picture of our tour guide, Natalie, providing some extra nutrition for a calf just a week or two old.

Berning Acres provides tours May through October, a “Night at the Farm” on selected Fridays and Saturdays through September, and Farm Camp for kids.

If you really want to understand how a modern dairy farm works, Berning Acres is a tremendous place to visit. Natalie makes a particularly good guide because she did not grow up on a farm and so appreciates the perspectives of visitors.

There are about 400 cows on the farm, so it is really amazing to see all the aspects that go into running a business of this size. Plus you get to say you milked a cow (at least the new, technology-assisted way!). For more information, visit

picture of Natalie feeding a bottle to a calf.

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