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Kellers Celebrate 50th at Cloran

July 12th, 2018 by Paul Kolimas

Karen and Clayton Keller remember the hot summer day 50 years ago, July 12, 1968, when they were married in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Clayton was about to ship out to Vietnam with the Marines after being drafted, and they were excited to begin their lives together even knowing that for the next thirteen months they would be apart

The Kellers on their Golden Day

The Kellers have a Memory Stone engraved outside the gazebo

.  Fifty years later it is clear to all who meet them that their love still burns bright and their sense of humor remains intact (how to survive 50 years without that?).  It is really an honor to have couples like the Kellers celebrate with us and rekindle relationships.  Thank you Karen and Clayton, and Happy 50th!

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