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41st Anniversary & a Renewal of Vows

August 6th, 2019 by Paul Kolimas

Couple faces a minister for their renewal of vows under a heart on the grounds of the Cloran MansionFlowers are in foreground and couple facing minister is in the background during a ceremony renewing marriage vowsFamily and friends are seated during the outdoor ceremony in which couple renewed vowsCouple faces each other during ceremony for renewal of vows


Mike and Jill Holm celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary in style. They renewed their vows on the grounds of the Cloran Mansion in a heart-felt ceremony on Saturday. Family and friends gathered from many places to be there, and Mike and Jill generously rented the whole house for the weekend so that everyone could relax and enjoy. Mike and Jill have a wonderful family, and it was great to be a small part of this special occasion! Continued success to both of them!






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